Our agile development team creates custom mobile and web apps, drivers, websites, and stores that perfectly align with the unique requirements of your technology business. With extensive expertise and a deep understanding of the industry, we meet the brief and hit your deadlines. 

Front End Development

We build custom cross-browser, cross-platform web applications, designing for the smallest screen first. Our responsive / adaptive designs employ core technologies which deliver both speed and performance, such as HTML5, CSS3 (Tailwind, Bootstrap), SASS, JavaScript, Flutter, React, Vue.js and various other JavaScript frameworks.

Back End Development

To ensure the smooth, scalable, and secure operation of our solutions, we focus on developing robust data structures and deep architecture, reducing risk of single point failure. We have expertise in technologies and frameworks including PHP (Symfony, Laravel), Python, JavaScript (Node.js), API, and others.

3rd Party

Integration with microservices from leading tech companies can be a decisive feature of your software. We can integrate with 3rd party services such as online payment processing via PayPal, Facebook & Google API, accounting software or e-mail services, plus sending and receiving voice, sms and video.

Quality Assurance Testing

We apply behaviour and test-driven development processes as a first measure to eliminate single point of failure and to reduce risk with releases and bug fixes. Scenarios that could be detrimental to the overall quality and reliability of our solutions are identified and tested by two developers (as a pull request on GIT) before we progress to a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment.

Support and Maintenance

Through continuous software improvements, new features and functionality, UI and UX upgrades, we provide a customisable level of support and maintenance to safeguard each project.


Each website or app project is assigned a team consisting of an Account Manager, Software Analyst and Project Manager. The team works closely with you to identify your business and technical requirements and directs the work of our development team. We match the best developers with the required skillset and experience, providing a faster time to market and a cost-effective alternative to hiring an in-house development team.


We offer feature-rich, scalable e-commerce solutions that can be integrated with existing systems. Our e-commerce platforms can be enhanced with additional features as your customer base grows. With full admin training and support with 3rd party integration, our specialist team offers a fast track to online sales growth.


Our analytics team specialises in harnessing your organisation’s data to refine customer journeys, identify efficiencies and inform decision making. We take a deep dive into Google Analytics, e-commerce data, social media and content monitoring, campaign dashboards, audience insights, management and financial information to identify and present the key insights. Our team provides fully customised reports, together with data-led recommendations.


We specialise in device driver and boot loader development, as well as OS kernel and I/O peripheral support such as audio, video, storage, network, graphics, connectivity, buses, wireless, sensors, UI, and other components. With our embedded software solutions, we can quickly get your hardware working flawlessly with external computers and devices.

Apps + WebUI

From seamless integration to intuitive user interfaces, our application development services enhance the functionality and user experience of your hardware. Our developers leverage Java, Swift, JavaScript and other technologies to create stable, highly efficient, custom mobile and web apps.